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"- Custom Billet Aluminum Grilles"

Not mass produced, but custom made using original OEM cores (genuine frames and hubs) these exotic wood or carbon fiber style steering wheels feature fine leather accents and are sold on an exchange basis. This means that you will need to return your old steering wheel to us, so that we can send it to the factory as a core for making another beautiful custom steering wheel.

Since they are made using original factory cores, these steering wheels are direct replacements, requiring no adapters or modifications. Simply move your original airbag-module over to the new wheel, and presto - a custom finish steering wheel with a factory airbag!

"- These OEM-Quality airbag wheels are simply beautiful - the Best Of The Best!"

Billet Grilles: These have become incredibly popular in the past few years to provide that smooth fluid look on not only Pickup Trucks and SUV's, but also on many of today's hot passenger cars. They are available in the standard "satin" finish, in a highly polished finish, and in some cases all-black, it's all your choice!

We carefully selected some very special companies to supply our painstakingly handcrafted billet grilles, Carriage Works and Precision Design (we also carry the full line of TRENZ Billet Grilles at our original online-store click on the truck below if you'd like to go there)

These companies do all their design, engineering and manufacturing right here in the U.S. of the highest quality heavy-gauge 6061 T-6 aircraft aluminum alloy materials. They are expertly engineered to fit each vehicle precisely, and to provide years of beauty and service. They are 3-step powdercoated (not just painted) and available with Satin (brushed) finish or with Brightly Polished edges. Carriage Works grilles are also available in all-black finish for a real custom monochromatic look!

Carriage Works now also offer a new line of grilles featuring "bolt-over" designs allowing anybody to install a custom billet grille in 15-20 minutes without any cutting or fabricating!

Precision Designs just launched a new line of premium "One-Piece Billet Sport Grilles" that are machined out piece of solid billet aluminum that are simply stunning! This line also features simple 10-15 minute bolt-over installations


Important Tips:

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when it comes to high-powered light bulbs. Do not overload your vehicle's charging system! For example, four 100W bulbs for high and low beam, is more than any vehicle can handle without upgrades to wiring (and possible adding relays) or other components of the charging system. Vehicles with "big" stereos and other high electrical usage accessories will further aggravate the situation as will DRL (Daytime Running Light) applications.

Daytime Running Lights that operate through your vehicles normal headlights ("powered-down" or not) are "on" all the time, and that will significantly reduce the life expectancy of any light bulb, especially high-powered models. In addition, they often produce violent voltage spiking since they are automatically turned-on when starting the vehicle.

DO NOT install extreme high-power bulbs in small composite (plastic) headlight housings, as they might possibly melt the housing and the wiring connector.

Voltage stability is crucial to trouble-free high performance lighting. Some vehicles are more prone to voltage "spiking" than others. Have your vehicle's charging rate measured prior to installing any high-performance bulb to ensure stability of the electrical system and to determine whether it might need upgraded wiring.

"Spiking" is the most common "cause of death" for any performance bulb. Avoid "spiking" by always turning "ON" your lights AFTER starting your car, and turn them "OFF" prior to turning the car's ignition off.

Please consult your vehicle's Owners Manual (or your dealer) for the correct bulb type prior to ordering.

It is important that you check to make sure what type of bulb your particular vehicle needs. You can find the type of bulbs your specific vehicle uses in several locations. One place is the head light lens. The bulb type will often be marked on it. Another place is on the bulb itself, the bulb type and wattage will be printed or stamped into the base. The vehicle owner's manual should also tell you what type of bulb you need for your head lights, and/or fog lights.

You can also check a reference guide (click on "LINKS" on our navigation bar on top of this page to access an online industry guide). However, due to frequent changes by the car makers often without notice, we can not guaranty that the guide is completely accurate. Again, consult your owners manual or dealer prior to ordering.

9003 bulbs are also referred to as H4's, or HB2.
9004 bulbs are also referred to as HB1.
9005 bulbs are also referred to as HB3.
9006 bulbs are also referred to as HB4.
9007 bulbs are also referred to as HB5.
H1,H3, & H7 bulbs are usually referred as such.


Proper installation is CRITICAL to achieve good use of your Xenon bulbs. While handling the bulbs during installation, you must wear clean cotton or latex gloves. After installation, gently wipe bulb with a little isopropyl alcohol to be absolutely sure that no oil residue from your hands (or car) is left on the bulb itself. Failure to wear clean gloves, or wiping the bulb off, will cause premature (or immediate) bulb failure due to hot spots (blisters)that will build-up from leftover grease residue. We will not warranty any bulb (or other) failure due to improper handling and/or installation, including the installation of high-powered bulbs in non-competition vehicles.

Because of the above noted vehicle variables and installation issues beyond our control, we do not warranty any light bulb beyond them being in perfect working order upon your receipt of them, unless installed by a documented professional. A new non-working bulb will of course be replaced at no charge, after testing. Standard wattage bulbs properly installed by an accredited automotive professional will be warranted for a period of 90 days. Bulbs returned for warranty must be accompanied by a receipt showing that the bulb was installed by a accredited automotive professional and the date such installation took place. You must call us for authorization and instructions prior to any return.